Born in Fire

Not a dream (Cass)

This time it wasn’t a dream. At least, I haven’t woken up yet. Besides, nobody’s bloody or on fire, I must be awake.

But it’s like a dream. Magic is real, demons are real, and they want me. I don’t know why. The Blood Hound says it wants to serve me but I don’t believe it. It says I have the blood. What blood? Is it Daddy’s blood, does he have something to do with them? Then why me and not Mary? Did Daddy have an affair with a demon or something? Oh god.

I know he knows. He helps people hunt them. He has a damn arsenal under the garage. And now he’s gone and they’re after me. And Mary acts like this is all gonna just blow over in a day or so, like she’s not taking it seriously. Like we’ll just find Mom and Dad, and do a fancy spell like in the movies, and it’ll all be over. It won’t ever be over. I’ll see it in my mind forever, that thing. The way it smiled at me. Those eyes out the window. The man and his dogs.

Why do they know my name? Demons. Fallen angels. I need an angel’s help. Don’t I? If there are demons, don’t there have to be angels too? I didn’t do anything to deserve going to Hell. Did I?

Maybe I did. Maybe I did and I don’t remember. Maybe I did it in a dream. Maybe I did it when a demon was in my head talking its talk and sounding like me in my mind.

I can’t stay in this bunker forever. I gotta get my Jeep and my stuff, and see that preacher, and go back to work…sometime. I don’t know when. What if the demons come to the office? Mary says she thinks they’ll only come at night but that seems like something out of a story. Why should it be like that? I don’t know. I only know they can find me, it said I had a beacon.

You know what’s weird though, is I sorta don’t feel as surprised as I think I should. It’s kind of a relief, knowing there’s a reason I’m a freak and it’s not just me. There’s more people like me out there somewhere.

It’s not just me.


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