Cassidy Cross


Current Conditions
Morbid Fascination (Persistent) (Minor Tell)
Sadism (Persistent) (Minor Tell)

Int 4, Wits 4, Resolve 2
Str 3, Dex 3, Stam 3
Presence 1, Manip 2, Composure 3

Mental (-3 unskilled): Academics 3, Computer 2 (Codebreaking +1), Crafts 3 (Photography +1) (Modifying Equipment +1), Investigation 3 (Omens +1), Medicine 0, Occult 5 (Omens +1), Politics 0, Science 1
Social (-1 unskilled): Animal Ken 1, Empathy 3 (What Do You Want +1), Expression 1, Intimidation 0, Persuasion 0, Socialize 0, Streetwise 0, Subterfuge 5
Physical (-1 unskilled): Athletics 3, Brawl 1, Drive 0, Firearms 0, Larceny 0, Stealth 2 (Tailing +1), Survival 0, Weaponry 4 (Demons +1)

[italics] = Professional Training Asset Skills, 9-again
Perception rolls are 8-again
-2 to Social rolls vs. normal humans
+1 to Social & magical rolls vs. demons
Codebreaking and Demons are Interdisciplinary

Defense: 6 (Wits/Dex + Athletics) - 1 w/ vest)
Armor: 1/0 (leather jacket); 1/3 (bulletproof vest)
HL: 8 (Stam + 5)
Initiative: +6 (Dex + Composure) *(penalty depending on weapon)

Speed: 11 (Str + Dex + 5)
Willpower: 5 (Resolve + Composure)
Integrity: 5

(Risking WP – gain +3 dice; or gain 9-again quality; or gain exceptional success on 3 succ instead of 5/add 1L dmg to successful attack; or remove 10-again from contested rolls against your action. If you succeed, regain your WP and an extra one, and gain a Practical Beat; if you fail, auto dramatically fail, gain 2 Practical Beats instead of 1 Beat.)

Professional Training 3 (Photographer; Asset Skills: Crafts, Investigation, Empathy) (Contacts 2; 9-again on asset skills)
Trained Observer 3 (perception rolls, usually Wits + Composure, are 8-again)
Resources 1
Mind of a Madman (when investigating a crime or other phenomenon, can get into culprit’s mind; gain 8-again on all rolls to investigate, pursue and stop the culprit, but experience nightmares; if you go a day without pursuing culprit, make breaking point roll as if you committed the crime; until they’re caught, your own breaking point rolls from things you’ve done suffer -1 penalty)
Improvised Weaponry 1 (Always Armed – at start of turn, make reflexive Wits + Weaponry roll to find a weapon; +0 modifier, -1 init penalty, size 1, durability 2, structure 4; if exceptional success, +1 mod, size 2, -2 init penalty; no penalty for wielding improvised weapon.
Improvised Weaponry 2 (In Harm’s Way – use improvised weapon’s Structure as general armor vs. a Brawl or Weaponry attack; damage you take inflicts an equal amount to the weapon, bypassing Durability; only works when you can apply Defense; can attack with it afterward.)
Dragon’s Tongue (can speak to demons that don’t normally speak; makes summoning an instant action; +1 to social & magical interactions w/ demons.
Network Zero Status 1 (interdisciplinary specialty in Computer; apply Status to social rolls w/ members; access to group resources; can block other people’s social Merits where it makes sense)
Interdisciplinary Specialty (Demons)
Loyalists of Thule Status 2 (when you successfully risk WP on Academics or Occult, gain 2 additional WP points instead of 1, which can take you over your max; extra WP disappears at end of scene)

Unarmed: 4 dice – Def; +0B
Salt-and-pepper spray: 6 dice – Def; inflicts Stun Tilt, -5 penalty to all actions, reduced by 1 for every turn rinsing eyes out
Handgun: 1 die; +2L; ranges 30/60/120; clip 7 + 1; str 3; init – 2
Knife: 7 dice (8 vs. demons); +0L; thrown ranges 6/12/24; init -1
Silver knife: 7 dice (8 vs. demons); +1L; init – 1
Improvised weapon: 7 dice (8 vs. demons); +0 or +1 B/L; init -1 or -2
Sword: 7 dice (8 vs. demons); +2L; init -2
Vigil sword: 7 dice (8 vs. demons); +3L; init – 2
Wooden stake: 7 dice; +0L; init -4

Signs of Iniquity (“IDing the Perp”)
Minimum Participants: 2 (+1 per additional participant)
Primary Actor: Intelligence + Empathy OR Occult
Secondary Actor: Wits + Investigation
Action: Instant
Description: The secondary actors observe a given target for up to a day, and can make up to (Investigation) rolls within that time, giving the primary actor the benefits of their highest roll. The primary actor then makes a summary judgment based on the observations of the secondary actors.
Modifiers: Merits, personal interaction and familiarity with monster-type can improve these rolls. Certain monsters can impose penalties via sheer subtlety or rarity (such as Mages).
Dramatic Failure: Misidentification.
Failure: Inconclusive evidence. The cell may try again.
Success: The cell correctly determines whether the target is a type of supernatural being, and gains at least one clue as to what kind of supernatural being it is.
Exceptional Success: The Primary Actor knows exactly what type of creature they’re facing, and can declare a Condition.

Binding the Beast (“Net”)
Minimum Participants: 3
Primary Actor: Dexterity + Survival
Secondary Actor: Strength + Athletics – Defense for one, Strength + Brawl – Defense for other actors
Action: Instant
Description: The Athletics-using actor throws or slips a restraining device (net, rope, chains, handcuffs, etc.) on the creature, while the Brawl-using actor(s) grapples the monster to the ground. The primary actor tightens and reinforces the restraints until the target is bound and helpless.
Modifiers: The element of surprise can provide a bonus. A particularly slippery or difficult-to-snare monster can impose penalties.
Dramatic Failure: The monster may immediately perform one move from the grapple list, and the restraints are ruined.
Failure: The restraints do not work, and the monster is still mid-grapple.
Success: The monster suffers the Immobilized Tilt. It can attempt to break free or wriggle out of its bonds, but those actions are penalized by the primary actor’s successes, in addition to any other penalties (to a max of 5 as usual).
Exceptional Success: The primary actor chooses the Condition created.

Automotive Tools (Basic Kit, + 1 die bonus)
Duct tape (+ 1 bonus to Crafts-related rolls)
Laptop with Wacom drawing tablet (+ 2)
Various art supplies (+ 1)
Nikon digital camera with professional bells & whistles (+ 3) – stolen from Psycho
Tools for repairing general stuff (+ 1)
Old-school classic ipod
Smartphone (+ 1) – GOD-MACHINE’D – can read what people are really saying (subtext) at line of sight
Salt-and-pepper spray (+ 1)
1977 Chevy Corvette

Kirlian Polaroid camera (+ 2 to rolls to identify the presence of the supernatural; can see anything that has supernatural influence even if it’s not fully supernatural)
Knife: dmg 0, init – 1, size 1
Silver knife: dmg 1L, init – 1, size 2, + 1 equip bonus to Crafts/Survival
Wooden stake: 0, init – 4, size 1
Thermos of holy water
Brown leather jacket w/ hidden pockets (armor 1/0)
Mama’s crucifix necklace
Big ziploc of salt (in Jeep); smaller ziploc of salt (in jacket pocket)
Crystal necklace that signals the presence of demons
Waite’s smartphone (+ 1)
3 fake license plates and 3 fake IDs (+ 1)
Mall Sword: dmg 2, init – 2, str 2, size 2
Bullet-proof vest: hidden, 1/3, – 1 Defense
Blonde wig & disguises (+ 2)
Leopold Grimm’s journal
Sword of Vigil: dmg 3L, init – 2, str 2, size 3; stops you from sleeping
EMF detector
Angel signal disruptor (1 scene left)
Surveillance van (motion detectors, video cameras, monitors, heat sensors, barometric sensors; + 2 stealth, investigation, spotting ghosts/magic, etc.)
Waite’s manacles – if the keyholder asks a question, they heat up and deal damage until keyholder expresses that the question has been answered

Merit Dots to Spend: 5

Current Beats: 0
Current XP: 0

Earned Beats: 6 (Prologue + Session 1); 2 (Session 1 downtime); 6 (Session 2); 4 (Session 2 downtime); 5 (Session 3); 1 (Session 3 downtime); 5 (Session 4); 4 (Session 5); 9 (Session 6); 1 (Session 6 downtime); 8 (Session 7); 3 (Session 8); 8 (Session 9); 4 (Session 10); 9 (Session 11 & downtime); 3 (Session 12); 9 (Session 12.5); 4 (Session 13); 7 (Session 14); 6 (Session 15 & downtime); 7 (Session 16); 4 (Session 17); 5 (Session 17.5); 11 (Session 18); 6 (Session 19); 7 (Session 20); 5 (Session 21); 8 (Session 22 & downtime); 5 (Session 22a & downtime); 9 (Session 23, ROUNDED UP); 10 (Session 24)

XP Expenditures: 37/37; 31/31p
Occult 1 [2xp]
Weaponry 1 [2xp]
Occult 2 [2xp]
Tactic: Signs of Iniquity [3pxp]
Weaponry 2 [2xp]
Mind of a Madman merit [2pxp]
Athletics 3 [2xp]
Investigation 3 [2pxp]
Improvised Weaponry 1 [1pxp]
Occult 3 [2xp]
Unseen Sense (God-Machine) [2pxp]
Dragon’s Tongue [1pxp]
Stamina 3 [4xp]
Weaponry 3 [2pxp]
Tactic: Net [2pxp]
Improvised Weaponry 2 [1pxp]
Network Zero Status 1 [1xp]
Intelligence 4 [4xp]
Subterfuge 3 [1xp + 1pxp]
Trained Observer 3 [2pxp]
Telekinesis 1 [1pxp]
Strength 3 [4xp]
Telekinesis 2 & 3 [2pxp]
Occult 4 [2pxp]
Wits 4 [4xp]
Integrity 4 [2xp]
Subterfuge 4 [1xp, 1pxp]
Weaponry 4 [2pxp]
Occult 5 [2xp]
Demons specialty (Weaponry) [1pxp]
Subterfuge 5 [2pxp]
Stealth 2 [2pxp]
Integrity 5 [2XP]
Interdisciplinary Specialty (Demons) – via Sanctity of Merits
Loyalists of Thule Status 2 – via Sanctity of Merits

Practical beats (current total): 0
Practical XP: 0

Sessions 1 & 2: 5 pbeats
Session 2 downtime: 3 pbeats
Session 3: 5 pbeats
Session 3 downtime: 1 pbeat
Session 4: 5 pbeats
Session 5: 6 pbeats
Session 6: 6 pbeats
Session 6 downtime: 1 pbeat
Session 7: 10 pbeats
Session 8: 2 pbeats
Session 9: 9 pbeats
Session 10: 6 pbeats
Session 11 & downtime: 3 pbeats
Session 12: 1 pbeat
Session 12.5: 14 pbeats
Session 13: 2 pbeats
Session 14: 3 pbeats
Session 15 & downtime: 2 pbeats
Session 16: 2 pbeats
Session 17: 0 pbeats
Session 17.5: 11 pbeats
Session 18: 7 pbeats
Session 19: 7 pbeats
Session 20: 7 pbeats
Session 21: 3 pbeats
Session 22 & downtime: 1 pbeat
Session 22a & downtime: 8 pbeats
Session 23: 4 pbeats (ROUNDED UP)
Session 24: 20 pbeats

Future XP expenditure plans
Network Zero Status dots
Weaponry dots
Brawl dots
Occult dots
Telekinesis dots
Unseen Senses (merit) (demons)
Eye for the Strange (merit)
Anonymity dots (merit)
Improvised Weaponry style
Defensive Combat (merit)
Fighting Finesse (merit)
Patient (merit)

Malapraxes: “Inflict Violence on the Corrupt;” “Breed Fury Among Your Kin”
Virtue: Oathkeeper (native to all demons)
Vice: Vengeance (does not gain WP from Vice; instead, can see relevance of Vice in a person)
Rank 3
Essence: /20
Ban: If Silver lies, his attributes and derived advantages are halved for one day.
Bane: Blood of a pure human that has never shed blood.
Touch of Corruption: Presence is glimpsable in reflective surfaces.

Attributes: Power 7, Finesse 9, Resistance 4

Influences (3+2) (can sense Resonance within 1 mile)
Vengeance 3 (Strengthen 1E, Manipulate 2E, Control 3E)
Blood-Kin 2 (Strengthen 1E, Manipulate 2E)

Manifestations (3+1)
Twilight Form
Synthesis (custom manifestation): 3E. Using this manifestation, the demon overtly manifests its power through a Fettered person or object. Fettered characters can resist with Stamina + Resolve + Tolerance. The host becomes able to see and interact with Twilight and Resonance, and adds the demon’s Influences to appropriate rolls and derived traits, like stackable, multi-dice Specialties. The host gains the following spirit traits of the Synthesized demon: Ban, Bane, natural weapon, natural armor, Influences, Numina, Vice (which temporarily replaces the host’s Vice), ability to sense Vice and Resonance; inability to cross salt. As the host is effectively a demon for the duration of the Synthesis, the host cannot perform actions requiring a soul, such as Abjuration, or certain magics. The host can fuel Numina and Influences with her own Willpower; if she can’t spend more than one WP at once (as most humans can’t), then the use of such powers requires multiple consecutive actions. Whenever the host fulfills the demon’s Malapraxis, the host gains one beat and one WP. This Manifestation lasts (successes) minutes, though it can end earlier if the Synthesized amalgam succeeds on a (Stamina + Resolve – Demon’s Resistance) roll.

Numina (7-2)
Regenerate (1E/level, Bashing first)
Essence Thief (can consume Essence from any kind of ephemeral being; when Synthesized, the host can use this steal (1/2 damage dealt) on a successful close-range attack, and turn it into a WP.)
Hallucination (1E; create illusion experienced by a single target. Vs. Wits + Composure + Tolerance)
Implant Mission (2E; subject receives vision, gains Obsessed Condition if can’t resist with Resolve + Composure + Tolerance)
Eyes of Judgment (Permanent. The demon can see when characters have the Guilty Condition, or other Conditions indicative of the character feeling that they have sinned or been corrupted. For 1E, the demon can roll (Power + Finesse – Target’s Composure) to glean the general nature of a person’s sin.)

Corpus: 9
Willpower: 10 (regain 1/day)
Initiative: 13
Defense: 7
Speed: 23
Size: 5

Silver Claws: Weapon Rating 1, Initiative -1, Armor Piercing 2


“Me? I’m just here to watch. You don’t want me involved. Really.”

“I’m not crazy. I just don’t like what’s behind my eyes, that’s all. Don’t ask.”

Age: 23
Birthday: February 27, 1990
Concept: introverted photographer troubled by nightmares

Virtue: Righteous (regain WP when you stand against evil or corruption at personal risk or cost)
Vice: Spiteful (regain WP when you act out of spite)

- Use Improvised Weaponry to solve a problem
- Kill Judas
- ???

Morbid Fascination (Persistent) – Minor Tell
Being part monster yourself, it’s hard not to obsess over the intricacies of a monster’s nature…and the more you learn, the more drawn to them you are. Whenever you investigate or hunt a supernatural creature in more than a cursory fashion, take a -2 to all rolls to defend against Social influence from that creature. Treat impressions for Social maneuvering from the creature as one higher than they normally would be. Morbid Fascination only applies to one creature at a time.
Resolution: Gaining a new trigger point; or, some other drastic event that changes your outlook significantly.
Beat: Failing a Social roll against the monster puts you in a dangerous or compromising situation; destroying the current monster.

Sadism (Persistent) – Minor Tell
Whenever you have the opportunity to visit suffering of one kind or another on your hunted quarry, you must succeed on a Resolve + Composure roll to avoid tormenting them. You can choose to fail this roll.
Resolution: Gaining a new trigger point; or, some other drastic event that changes your outlook significantly.
Beat: Failing the roll to resist tormenting your quarry; hindering a hunt or yourself in favor of causing suffering.

- Know your enemy
- There’s no excuse for a predator

Breaking Points

Trigger Point
Changed breaking point: Letting an atrocity go unpunished

What is the worst thing your character can imagine herself doing?
Cass once had a nightmare in which she made the shop teacher put his hand into the table saw and lose it, after a real-life accident in which he did lose his hand in the table saw. She spent weeks convincing herself that she hadn’t actually had anything to do with it. (Breaking point: cause maiming or mangling of a person)

What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?
Cass once had a nightmare in which a girl was slipped a drug in her drink at a club and then was taken home by another patron and raped; this was what prompted her to stop hanging out with her druggie friends altogether, breaking off all contact. (Breaking point: witnessing rape or violation)

Replaced breaking point
New breaking point: Gaining evil powers through monstrous sources

What is the most traumatic thing your character has ever experienced?
During the part of her high school career when Cass was doing drugs, she once overdosed and had to be taken to the hospital—which was when her parents found out about the drugs. (Did Mary know? Ask Jess.) She spent a week recovering and was terrified the whole time. This was what prompted her to stop doing drugs, though she didn’t break it off with those friends until later due to peer pressure. (Breaking point: a near death experience)

Trigger Point
Changed breaking point: Killing a person (not monstrous things)

Cassidy Cross

Born in Fire SataiDelenn