Mary Cross


Mary Cross
New Age Slacker
Virtue: Generous
Vice: Hasty

Aspirations: Kill the Demon, Learn about the Real Occult, Move past her ex-fiance
Tenets: Tenets: The point of the Vigil is to save lives,
The world belongs to normal people.

HEALTH 7/7 [][][][][][][]
Defense 4
Initiative 4
Speed 9

Integrity 5

Willpower 3/3

Physical Tertiary
Strength 1
Dexterity 3
Stamina 2

Mental Primary
Intelligence 2
Wits 4
Resolve 2

Social Secondary
Presence 4
Manipulation 2
Composure 1

Athletics 1 (Thrown)
Drive 2
Survival 1
ASSET – Firearms 1 (Life or Death)

Academics 1
Computers 2
Crafts 1
Medicine 1 (herbal lore)
Politics 2

Empathy 2
Expression 1
Persuasion 3 (Confidant)
Socialize 3
ASSET – Subterfuge 2

Holistic Awareness 1
Encyclopedic Knowledge (Occult) 2
Allies 2 (Atlanta Wiccan Grove)
Sympathetic 2
Professional Training (Confidence Woman) 1

Triquetra Amulet
Double-Barreled Shotgun (12 salt rock shells)
Revolver (6 silver bullets)
Handgun (Normal Ammo)
Steel Knife


1) In the pits of Cassidy’s addiction, years ago, she came to Mary for money to buy drugs, and – not realizing how serious it was – Mary lent her the money. She overdosed that night. Mary’s never told anyone. (allow someone to hurt themselves.)

2) Killing a human being.

3) People being tortured/brutalized.

4) Discovering the world is worse than she knew.

5) Unpleasant life-changing surprises


Mary Cross

Born in Fire Nightingale_