Andy Cross

Disabled patriarch of the Cross family.


Andrew Cross was born and grew up in Marietta, Georgia in the early 60’s. By the time he was sixteen, he was moving from place to place in the South and Midwestern U.S., doing odd jobs, such as construction, truck-driving, and mechanic work. After almost a decade of that lifestyle, he settled down back in Georgia with his new wife and young daughter, setting up a video-and-repair shop in northern Atlanta. He also acted as a landlord for a few homes and businesses in the area.

A car accident in the late 90’s seriously injured Andy’s lower back, and the medical bills at the time and since then have been significant. His savings have been significantly depleted, and he’s sold off most of his real estate holdings. His old store is now run by his older daughter, Mary, though the “repair” aspect of the shop is now largely defunct.

Andy’s condition, Cauda Equina Syndrome, has weakened his legs, and troubles him with regular, distracting pain. He has been wheelchair-bound for the last five years, and largely homebound since he began having incontinence issues as well. He tries to busy himself with housework and training some neighboring teens in mechanical work. He also avoids worrying his daughters with financial issues when possible.

Andy Cross

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